Company Overview

Samboo ATC has made the first step vigorously as the specialized company of adhesion tape for industry since 1995. We feel proud of ourselves as a leading corporation generally in shipbuilding, electronic, automobile, architecture industries by technics based on know-hows and information originated from accumulated technics and experience for almost 20 years.

Our company, which we started with Samboo trading firm, changed our name to Samboo ATC in January 2001 and moved to extended new building in Gilcheon industrial complex.


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Customer Service

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  • Trustful Samboo!
    – Samboo which only produce precise standard only sales exact dimension OPP
  • Same adhesion with existing produce method(Cutting)
    – The adhesion of surface bubble which occurs for the process is same as the existing OPP.
  • It isn’t easily cut off when using!
    – The tape dosen’t cut off because there is no defective products since we use slitting method which has no double blade of the knife.
  • Optimization to hand operation, automation packing / Building mass production system
    – Fast production system which customers can receive OPP at the right time
  • OPP manufacture for production is introduced to high-tech decive.
    – Guzzetti(Italy) slitting high-tech manufacture system is introduced