What exactly is the physical or chemical process that makes adhesive tape sticky?

  Louis H. Sharpe, editor in chief of the Journal of Adhesion, provides the following reply to this deceptively complex question: “The simplest answer that I can give to the question [...]

How is duct tape made?

Duct tape may just be the “ultimate material.” This sticky and versatile adhesive is useful in everything from making prom formalwear to covering heating and cooling ducts to removing warts. [...]

Why Doesn’t Adhesive Tape Stick in the Cold?

Like some employees who will work only under the most ideal conditions, so it can go with tape. A construction site in New England? It is a climate notorious for potentially challenging the most [...]

How is adhesive tape made?

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is so versatile because it can stick two surfaces – ideally flat ones – together without the need for heat, solvents or other substances in order to make it [...]

Remove Masking Tape Without a Residue

Remove masking tape without leaving the appearance of a residue is a hard task to accomplish if you don’t have the right materials. The worse thing that could happened is an unsightly [...]

The Times Astronauts were Saved by Duct Tape

Normally, duct tape is the miracle material to fix nearly any mishap. However, the substance is not merely Earth-bound. NASA surprisingly swears by the capabilities of duct tape as well as it has [...]

A Short History of Masking Tape

Dick Drew’s development of the first masking tape is an example of his extraordinary gift for solving customer problems. In the early 1920s, 3M manufactured and sold abrasives. One afternoon, [...]

Industrial Tapes Market – Global Industry Analysis

Industrial Tapes Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024 Industrial tapes are used for binding purpose in various industrial [...]

A Short History of Duct Tape

During the second world war, U.S. troops in the heat of battle had a strangely impractical way of reloading their weapons. Cartridges used for grenade launchers was one example. Boxed, sealed [...]

Amazing Duct Tape Ideas: Crafts, Projects, Home Repairs, More!

Whether you’re making crafts with your kids, doing projects on your own, or just need a fast fix for a fallen hem, these duct-tape ideas prove that this garage staple is your home’s [...]

Masking solutions for all domestic and commercial applications

Samboo’s Masking Tapes Samboo offers a comprehensive range of masking tapes to meet all customer masking, bonding, holding and sealing applications. Our product range includes aggressive [...]

A New Kind of Masking Tape Will Save the Aerospace Industry Millions

  When engineers build planes, they use heavy aluminum masking tape to cover up surfaces during production. Now, engineers at BAE Systems have created a new kind of tape that leaves the [...]


Duct tape. Hydraulic press. The battle for the ages. When humanity’s most destructive force meets its most immovable object, we should prepare for chaos. At least that’s the kind of [...]

Duct tape art on display at Homestead

BEATRICE — The latest exhibit on display at the Homestead National Monument of America may require a closer look. Some have been fooled into thinking the pieces on display are paintings or [...]

Types of Industrial tape

Adhesive tape is covered with an adhesive on the one side, occasionally both sides, to enable it to stick to different materials. There are a variety of different types of tape, but the most [...]

Packing Tape to the Rescue: How I Learned to Love the Ultimate Fixer-Upper

Have you ever noticed that Chinese people seem to fix everything with tape? I know I’m generalizing here. There are many skilled tradespeople in China, but I must say that the average everyday [...]

Circuit Board Masking Tape Is the Adhesive You Never Knew You Wanted

Masking tape is no doubt a useful and versatile item to keep around the house. You can use it to block off or “mask” areas when you’re painting, to put labels on boxes or your [...]

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