Duct tape art on display at Homestead

Duct tape art

BEATRICE — The latest exhibit on display at the Homestead National Monument of America may require a closer look.

Some have been fooled into thinking the pieces on display are paintings or photographs. Upon closer inspection, tiny lines reveal the depictions are actually formed using nothing but duct tape.

“I think everyone who’s come in here have all said this wasn’t what they expected,” said Robin Matty, Homestead intern. “I think people are going to be very surprised by how detailed they are. They look incredible from far away, then when you get up close they also have a beauty to it where you can see the tiny flecks of duct tape.”

The duct-tape display, created by tape artist Chad Farnes, will be at the Homestead Education Center until May 29.

Farnes has exhibited at several locations around the country, such as the Utah County Art Gallery and in Brooklyn, New York at the Crest Hardware Art Show.

He was raised in California and moved to Utah to attend college, according to a press release from Homestead.

Farnes’ history with tape art dates back to when a roommate used painter’s tape to decorate a wall. Farnes began creating his own wall decorations and eventually expanded into using other types of tape, such as masking tape and duct tape, and different surfaces, such as canvas.

The 21 displays at Homestead each represent a different National Park, which Homestead Park Superintendent Mark Engler said is a unique way to recognize what they have to offer.

“This is a fun way to look at the experience of the National Parks,” he said. “The level of detail is amazing and cool to see the inspiration citizens get from the National Parks. This is a great example of that inspiration.”

Farnes will host a presentation at the Homestead discussing the display Sunday, May 29 at 2 p.m. at the Homestead Education Center. The presentation will be free to the public

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